Industry Report

Company: DocuSign


DocuSign operates in a highly competitive business environment, including facing increasing pressure from Adobe. We wanted a campaign that would cement DocuSign’s status as the industry leader, position it as the best solution for small businesses, and generate leads.


  • Cement DocuSign’s status as the leader in the SMB space
  • Create stand-out content for use in promotional campaigns
  • Produce a steady stream of Marketing Qualified Leads
  • Promote use cases that supported a new differentiating feature
  • Provide air cover and support for Sales


Working with a Content Marketing agency, I commissioned a survey of 500 SMB principals that assessed how they were using (or not using) digital tools, like eSignatures, to remain competitive. The study was the first of its kind.

We leveraged the survey data, along with related customer and executive interviews, to produce four white papers and two infographics that were released sequentially over a six-month period.


I lead a cross-functional team to produce a multi-month, omni-channel integrated program, including:

  • Six content touches distributed across email, paid social, retargeting and web channels
  • Survey data was presented on a webinar with SMB Trends, a leading trade publication
  • All content assets were added to Content Syndication programs
  • Extensive multivariate testing for email and paid social
  • Partnered with Sales to distribute content to their LinkedIn networks


  • Millions of impressions across email, web, paid social and retargeting
  • 1673 campaign engagements
  • 700+ webinar registrations with over 300 attendees
  • 432 Marketing Qualified Leads
  • 85 sales meetings generated via trigger emails



Landing Page for Social Ads and Retargeting

Multivariate Testing Facebook Ads

Small Business Trends Webinar


Promotional Emails for White Papers