Product Launch

Company: DocuSign


In February 2017 DocuSign released Payments, a new feature that enables users to sign and pay in one step. Simple but powerful, Payments is DocuSign’s strongest differentiating feature in the SMB space, and this was one of the largest launches in the company’s history. There were three waves of promotions:

  1. Announcement (Oct 2016)
  2. Launch (Feb 2017)
  3. Major Feature Release (July 2017)


  • Increase awareness
  • Generate Sales Accepted Leads
  • Upsell customers
  • Provide content for outbound sales motions
  • Differentiate from DocuSign’s biggest competitor, AdobeSign


As the Demand Generation lead, I partnered with Product Marketing, Web and Creative to lead multi-month, omni-channel program, including:

  • Over a dozen touches over 5 months, supported by email, webinars, organic and paid social media, partner marketing, content syndication, and outbound sales motions
  • Six parallel segments targeting¬†customers, prospects and industry verticals
  • 70 versioned emails with millions of sends
  • Multivariate testing that increased engagement up to 3x


  • Millions of impressions
  • 1325 campaign engagements
  • 210 webinar attendees
  • 476 Marketing Qualified Leads
  • 235 Sales Accepted Leads