Leadership Marketing

Company: Digital Air Strike


In 2012, Digital Air Strike was two years a startup and had had some success in the highly competitive space of automotive social media. The market was hot and nearly a dozen companies had entered, but no clear leader had emerged. There was a huge opportunity to establish leadership by publishing original research.


  1. Establish market leadership
  2. Develop killer content
  3. Support company and product positioning
  4. Generate leads
  5. Get press coverage


I created an in-depth survey of how cars buyers were using social media and got over 2000 consumers to complete it. I came up with over a dozen statistically significant findings, all of which made it clear that social media impacted purchasing decisions.

The findings had significant value for our audience and strongly supported our message, making the study an ideal platform for content marketing. I promoted it via:

  • Press release
  • Two whitepapers
  • Webinars
  • Conference presentations
  • Demo slides for Sales
  • Infographic video
  • Email campaigns
  • Organic and paid social media
  • Content syndication


  • Webinar series with hundreds of attendees
  • Press coverage in national and industry pubs, including USA Today, NBC and Cars.com
  • Foundation for CMO’s conference presentations
  • Over 2000 video views
  • Hundreds of whitepaper downloads
  • 4x increase in lead volume compared to previous campaigns

The campaign was so successful that we made it a bi-annual tradition, and Digital Air Strike quickly established itself as the undisputed market leader — all while generating many hundreds of leads.



Coverage in USA Today


Animated Infographics Video

Whitepaper on Social Media

Whitepaper on Reputation Management