Leadership Marketing

Company: Piqora


In 2013, Piqora was two years a startup and had had some success in the increasingly crowded space of Social Analytics. The market was hot, but no clear leader had emerged, so there was a huge opportunity to establish leadership by publishing original research.


  1. Establish market leadership
  2. Develop killer content
  3. Support company and product positioning
  4. Generate leads
  5. Get press coverage


I worked with Engineering to conduct data-driven research and analysis on Pinterest and published The First Quantitative Study of Brands On Pinterest. I authorized and designed the research report, which was used in multiple demand generation campaigns and in press pitches.


  • 700 leads generated via email marketing + new nurture email
  • 1100 leads generated via Facebook advertising
  • 60 leads generated via content syndication
  • 170 leads (and counting) via Resource Center downloads
  • Articles on TechCrunch, Forbes and other industry pubs


Research Report

TechCrunch Article

 Forbes Article

Promotional Email

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