Street Marketing

Company: Getaround


In early 2015 Getaround was ramping up for rapid growth, with the intent to launch a dozen markets by the end of the year.

Before a market can be officially launched (with a party and press), a basic level of awareness and adoption must already be in place, and street marketing is very effective at doing just that.

I was tasked with building a highly trackable street marketing program that could be scaled across the US, virtually from scratch. Getaround had done some street marketing in the past but the team was long gone and the company had rebranded.


  1. Generate car leads and get people to share cars
  2. Sign up new users
  3. Increase brand awareness


The massive undertaking included:

  • Collaborated with internal teams to develop a strategy that included car flyering, canvassing, postering, events, and guerrilla tactics
  • Directed Creative team to develop a robust portfolio of collateral, swag, and gear
  • Developed a tracking system consisting of unique short links (i.e. that could track leads through to conversions
  • All teams used Instagram photomaps to geo-track coverage and document work, ensuring 100% saturation and granting HQ visibility into all ground actives
  • Authored a comprehensive playbook that covered everything from how to talk about the company, product, and brand to specific strategies and tactics
  • Created strategic planning maps with target zones, Zipcar locations (carsharing hotspots), canvassing locations, residential building targets, and Getaround cars to be used as props
  • Hired and trained Field Marketing Managers in all markets, who went on to hire dozens of Brand Ambassadors, for a national team of 40+
  • Tracked ROI and directed strategy in all markets


  • Scaled to a team of 40+ in less than 3 months, in Washington DC, Chicago, Portland, and the SF Bay Area
  • Attained CPL and CPA that were competitive with digital advertising
  • Distributed tens of thousands of car flyers and generated thousands of car leads
  • Hundreds of cars shared on Getaround in every market
  • Touched thousands of consumers and generated hundreds of signups

Strategic Planning Map (Chicago example)

Car flyer, designed to create a “billboard effect”

Map used to assign flyering routes (DC example)

Instagram Photo Map used to track geo coverage

Instagram was used to document activities

Brand Ambassadors, Portland

Street Poster

Promoting Getaround’s Tesla, DC City Open